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Do you run courses in your service?

If you currently run a course such as a 12 week weight management / exercise referral or any activity participants are booked in for the entire course then this article is for you!

Using our course feature will save you time when making bookings and if there is a need to cancel a course - then the system will take care of communications.

  • First thing first, a course needs to be defined. Once you have defined the course then email support@refer-all.net with the title - We would like to make use of your course features!
  • To define your course we only need the headline information such as:
  • We run a 12 week weight management course and there are 2 sessions per week.
  • With this simple information we can then create the template for your course. If you have named your course then let us have the name too. It will make it easier when creating the sessions for the course. 
  • When we have discussed your requirements, a one-off cost may be applicable. Our team will inform you beforehand for your approval.