What is a change request and how we deal with change request management

Since ReferAll formed in 2010, we've processed 1000's of change requests from our customers. Frequent changes are the reality of every service. A lot of companies are trying to avoid change requests, but the fact is that they still occur.

Every software company has its procedure for change requests management. Here's how it works in ReferAll.

We distinguish requests into two areas; significant changes and configuration changes, reflected in a change request form (CRF). The type of change determines the way it will be assessed and implemented.

Familiar with our change request process?

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How we deal with significant changes

Significant changes modify or add to features not available in ReferAll or not included in a current outcome process.

Any significant change can result in a charge.

Significant changes are prioritised as urgent or usual. One change generates a single CRF. Once the CRF is completed, we provide:

  • a description of the change (if more detail is required than your submission).
  • any relevant impact. 
  • charges review.
  • any final amendments to agreements.

So, if you ask for a change, you will be provided detailed information on how this change impacts the management of your referrals or processes.

How we deal with configuration changes

Configuration changes add to or remove features currently available in ReferAll that are not configured for your scheme/s or if you need to update your service information, for example, an updated consent statement.

Configuration changes have nothing to do with the development of a new check box, a data field or scoping of a new feature.

Configuration changes are made at no additional cost to the customer unless they will increase costs for our development team's input. 

Many of our add-ons, for example MyReferAll or API access for online Referral Forms have been costed into our pricing table.

However, for any additional charge, we provide the reasons why we believe the charge will be impacted by the configuration.

Once a CRF is submitted (significant or configuration), we will review and send for approval to the customer. Based on all the documentation, customers review it, accept or reject. Also, they may request an amendment on the CRF or ask for more information.

How change requests management works in ReferAll

Change management in ReferAll is a well-organised set of procedures to process and maintain change requests from customers. In general, these procedures include the following activities:

  • Keeping the customer informed of the change request status and schedule.
  • Co-ordinating with associated partners where applicable.
  • Anticipated GoLive date if relating to a significant change

How to submit a change request

  • Complete a CRF. Be sure to complete all fields in as much detail as possible, using the relevant system area i.e. Questionnaires, Reports, Exports etc. Providing a screenshot can also save you time and help us to understand your change request clearly. 

Changing questionnaires may alter the way that data can be reviewed – both within Outcome Reports and via data Export. Accordingly, any amendments to questionnaires should be carefully considered.

Potential impact

General considerations

  • Wording changes could alter the meaning of a question which could have an influence on the response.
  • Changes to the response options / format, additions or removals could result in older data sets and newer data sets becoming disconnected and need data collation if exporting data.

Outcome Reporting (in the Reports icon)

A change to a validated tool such as IPAQ, SWEMWBS is not recommended. The automated scoring method cannot be applied and results will not display in Outcome Reports. If you wish to add additional questions we recommend you request they are built in a new question panel.

Please take into account adding validated question sets such as IPAQ, SWEMWBS to a scheme after collecting responses, not every referral will have responses recorded unless you go back and collect the data.

Exports icon

Requesting changes after you have begun collecting responses means a new 'Active' version of the questionnaire will be created in the ReferAll platform. The previous version will be set to 'Inactive'.

It will be necessary to deselect 'List active questionnaires only' if you want to export data covering both Active and Inactive questionnaires. Data must be collated after export:


  • For new questionnaire builds, head over to this article: Bespoke questionnaire request
  • Please submit one change request per CRF.
  • Once a CRF is received, we will do an initial analysis of the change request category and the category it falls under, significant or configuration change. 
  • Our Change Board (made up of either your account manager/support team member and a development team member) will review your request, respond with any questions we may have and finally provide you with our final recommendations.
  • Accepted configuration non-chargeable changes will be communicated with you via the your support ticket.
  • Accepted significant changes will be detailed and quoted for, requiring an e-signature and Purchase Order number prior to the work being scheduled.
  • Please click this link to complete an online Change Request Form