Why do sessions not display in the calendar view and what do the colours mean?

This article relates to the Manage Session Registers tab in Activities. If you find sessions are not displaying when you mark a session register, try adding this simple setting:

  • To view finalised sessions from Activities >> Manage Sessions Registers:
  • Scroll a short way down the page to 'Display Options'.
  • Tick the 'Show finalised sessions' in the Manage Session Registers tab (calendar view)
  • Click Search.
  • All finalised sessions will display in the calendar.
To see what each colour means, hover over a session:
  • The session/s could be set to 'Auto-finalise' [in the Activity set up] which means when all client's booked into the session (1 or more) are marked attended / absent etc the session will be finalised and turn grey.