Xn Leisure Integration

We currently offer an integration with Xn Leisure LMS systems for Xn's latest product, Leisure Hub.

To set-up an Xn integration for your schemes, please contact ReferAll to discuss: sales@refer-all.net

If your scheme/s have the integration enabled, please follow the instructions below to link a referral and an xn person number.

Xn Leisure Hub Integration

When a new referral is saved to your ReferAll platform, the Leisure Hub Integration automatically performs a background check against all membership email addresses.

If an email match is found, the membership ID will display in the referral record after saving the new referral. See * for details of required fields.

Where no match is found or the email address field is left empty, a new membership ID is created in your Leisure Hub platform and the ID displays in the referral record.

*The following data fields are required when entering the referral details which ensures the check is performed automatically :

  • Title
  • Town
  • County

Prior to inputting a new referral, it is recommended you login to your Leisure Hub platform.

If the client has an existing membership check the email address matches with their record in Leisure Hub.

Manually checking avoids Leisure Hub automatically creating a new membership ID when adding the client details to your ReferAll platform.

  1. When a new referral is saved, scroll to the Xn integration section. 
  2. If there are no missing fields, move to point 7.
  3. A message will display with any missing field information.
  4. An 'Xn membership failed' task automatically generates on the dashboard for the referral owner as a reminder to action.
  5. If applicable, click 'Edit details' in the Patient tab.
  6. Add and Save the missing fields.
  7. Manually click the link once the record has refreshed.
  8. The membership ID will be created if no matching email address can be found. The ID displays in the Xn Leisure Hub section.