Step 1: What is the relationship between Patients, Referrals, Referring Organisations and Referrers?

How are Patients, Referrals, Referring Organisations and Referrers linked together?


  • These are the people who will use your service. 
  • Depending on your scheme you might think of them as clients or participants.


  • Referrals are the records concerning the patient/client or participant.
  • The Referral record will have the patient details within it,  name, date of birth, address, contact number, GP details, allergies, medical conditions and other data that the patient would have been asked to consent to share at the time they register with your service. Each Referral has a unique Referral ID.

Referring Organisations

  • A Referring organisation could be a Medical Practice, a Hospital department, an outreach/community based centre. Referring Organisations are added by your Super Users and can be found on the Referring Orgs Icon from Dashboard.


  • The Referrer is the person from within the Referring Organisation who sent you the Referral for the patient - the person who "referred" them to your service.
  • An example would be Dr Dart from The Brow Medical Practice , Sea Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 1LY.

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