Why does Ethnicity not transfer to a "Referred On" referral?

Read on to learn why you may need to set the ethnicity for an onward referral:

APPLIES to: Refer Patient On feature

When a new referral is created via Refer Patient On, the Patient Tab / Ethnicity:

Ethnicity will need to be set if the original referral did not have the field saved with a response before creating the onward referral.

Check if this scenario applies by following the example below:

For each referral pair, there are only two relevant dates:

  • When the referral was referred on. It is now it's own separate referral.
  • When the Ethnicity was updated on the original referral.

So in this example Referral ID XXXX referred on to another scheme in your organisation: Referral ID YYYY

The new Referral ID: YYYY was created on 21.06.2022 but the ethnicity on the original referral (Referral ID XXXX) was only updated after that on 23-06-2022.

We hope this clarifies when the Ethnicity field must be set or updated for an Onward Referral ID.

Click here for the full guide on this feature: Refer Patient On