Questionnaire not appearing for a referral

Can't see the questionnaire you need in a referral record? See why and what you need to do...

If you have a questionnaire that has not appeared for a referral record, the probable cause is the questionnaire has been set to display a specific number of days after the referral was set to ‘participating’ status; for example; A 3 month evaluation questionnaire has been set up to display in referral records 90 days after the referral has been set to participating.

Step 1

  1. In the referral record, click the Questionnaires tab:
  2. Next click the 'Generate Questionnaires' button in the referral record, under the Questionnaires tab:
  3. If the questionnaire/s you are expecting do not display, check the scheme questionnaire settings by following these simple steps.
  4. Once you know if there is an offset delay for a questionnaire, it could be the referral hasn't reached that milestone, for example, the referral hasn't been 90 days in the referral status "Participating" if that is the trigger. Check any settings against the referral.
  5. If you or your scheme manager decides you'd like to adjust the days in which the questionnaires have been set up to appear, the same help article takes you through these simple steps: Edit questionnaire settings