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Referral history + deleting a history note

The referral history is a record of actions taken during a client's referral journey. Follow these steps to add a note, plus information on deleting a note.

Entries in the referral history can be made manually, for example following a phone conversation with a client. Entries are automatically entered following certain actions by the scheme/service admin/coordinator.


  1. Search for the client in question, using the patient search (see Navigating the Referral Record, scroll down to the Search section) or if the client is visible in the tasks and reminders panel on the home page - click Action.
  2. In the Referral Details tab (which you will be viewing once you have selected the client because it is the default view), open the Referral History Panel by clicking on the arrow.
  3. To add an entry, type in or copy and paste the text and click Add Referral Note. You have the option to make this note visible to the referrer and to activity administrators. The default option is for neither to be able to view a note that you have entered.
  4. If the note that you are adding is important and others need to be notified it. You can mark the note as important either when you add the note or afterward by ticking the box next to the note. The person’s name now will be in red wherever in the system (list of referrals, tasks, registers etc).
  5. To amend a manual entry that you have entered, click Edit next to the appropriate entry. Amend the note and save. The referral history will display what the note was and what the note was changed to. You cannot edit manual entries added by other members of your service. You cannot delete an entry from the referral history.

Can I delete a history note?

Deleting a history note completely from a referral record is not possible for a Scheme Administrator to action, however, as a workaround please follow these steps:

N.B. The following applies to the creator of the history note.

  • Click Edit.
  • The note information will appear in the mandatory [yellow] box, remove the information and add, for example "Please ignore the history note, it was incorrectly added." 
  • Save the update.

If the information is of a sensitive nature or you would prefer it was deleted completely, just submit a support ticket and include the Referral ID (found at the top of the referral) with the date and time of the history note. Be sure not to forward any identifiable information such as patient name, D.O.B etc.

Our technical team will be able to carry out your request.