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Analyse Activity Attendance

When you want to drill-down into your activity attendance data, follows each step below to help you analyse and report what is recorded in your service.

  • From the Dashboard, select the Reports icon,

  • Filter by Scheme Selection / Reporting Criteria and by:
    Activity Attendance

The i section offers an explanation of the data displayed in each column of the table. 

  • The Activity Attendance report displays a breakdown of results per Venue (if your service has created > 1 venue). In the example below the report was run in our demo area

  • The results display split Venues per scheme. 
  • As you can see there is also a Venue Name of TBA on the earlier screenshot. 
  • TBA is there where the system can't ascertain a venue and this happens for two reasons; attendances recorded directly in to the activity diary of a participant or by using the Manage Diary Entries feature.

  • The screenshot below is the Diary Entry area - you can see there is no Venue field and this is recorded as TBA.