Can I move a referral or questionnaire information onto another scheme?

Moving a referral from one scheme to another is not supported as the patient's information is linked to the initial scheme they were referred to, and the new scheme may have different fields.


Looking for help with the Refer Patient On solution? Head over to Refer Patient On

Follow these steps if the initial referral is in the wrong scheme:
  • Click Refer Patient, add the patient's postcode and first & last name.
  • Click the The Lookup Patient button which will show all matching patient's / client's saved to the system, and select the correct one by clicking on the Select link.
  • This saves time by adding the patient demographics automatically.
  • You will need to manually enter any questionnaire data and other information collected onto the new scheme.
  • Depending on your scheme processes, set the initial referral to Not Participating (with reason) or the desired status. *Super users can delete the referral if required; here's how.