What can I do with Tasks in ReferAll?

Tasks are a really useful feature to build efficiencies into your service workflow.

In ReferAll, our Productivity Solution features a Tasks Tool.  There are 2 types of  Originators for Tasks: User and System generated.

Originator: System.

  • ReferAll has a wide range of pre-configured tasks, for example 'New Referral' which generates a task on the Dashboard each time a new referral is added (manually) or received by Self- Referral Requests / Clinical Upload form.
  • These are either set to Active or Inactive.

In a referral record the history tab always displays the origin of the task that is either created, completed or both.

Originator: User

Create an Event Based Task

To explore and implement an event based task, head over to: Create a new task (Event Based)

Originator: User

Create a Template Task

A template task is an action, such as a call or follow-up with a referral that you do daily, weekly or monthly etc. Learn how to set-up a template task by heading over to: Create a template task (User Generated)