How do I request a Scheme Administrator account for a new staff member?

Since introducing the new login experience on 22/06/22 the process for requesting a new Scheme Administrator (user) account has changed slightly, as follows:

APPLIES to: Scheme Admins without a ReferAll account (completely new)

Please ask the new team member to go to:
Create a new account.
Forward this help article link to the new staff member.
  • Once the staff member has created their new account, please confirm their name & email address by submitting a support ticket.
  • We will enable their access to your ReferAll platform and confirm as soon as the account is available.
With regards to purchasing a new user licence, once the new account has been created, let us know the following:
  • If you have unused licences, please confirm and we will check our records.
  • If a team member is leaving and you'd like to swap a licence, let us know in the support ticket. You can deactivate the leaver account by clicking the deactivate link next to the the persons account. If you wish to transfer ownership of referrals, we recommend you wait until the new user account has been activated, then you'll be able to select the new member of staff from the list.
  • If the user account is in addition to your current licences, we will provide you with a pro-rata quote for your approval (and PO number if applicable before granting access to the new user.