User roles and permissions in ReferAll

The following describes the different user roles and their permissions on the ReferAll system.

There is a table of permissions in Excel, available here.

Types of user roles.

There are three roles on the ReferAll system:

  • Activity Admin
  • Scheme Admin
  • Super Scheme Admin

Managers can request the Super Scheme Administrator role detailed here

Activity Admin account permissions

Activity Admin (Lite user) permissions are designed to allow users to efficiently complete all tasks related to the referral process, including bookings and updating session registers. However, access to reporting and system configuration is restricted to managers and coordinators of services. This ensures that these areas are managed by individuals with the necessary expertise.

Activity Admins have the ability to:

Activity Admins cannot:

The Dashboard of an Activity Admin

These are the pages which an Activity Admin can access through the main page, though there are more such as the referral record, which can only be navigated to by selecting a participant from a different page.

The icons found on the dashboard can be explained in greater detail here

Scheme Admin account permissions

Scheme Admins have additional permissions compared to Activity Admins. They can edit, configure, and manage components of the system for their schemes. They also have full access to ReferAll's Reporting Solution, which provides comprehensive reporting features.

Scheme Admins, just as Activity Admins, can:

In addition, they can also:

The Scheme Admins Dashboard

The icons found on the dashboard can be explained in greater detail here

Scheme Admin v Super Scheme Admin permissions:

A Super Scheme Admin account has two additional permissions compared to a Scheme Admin role:

  • Access to managing users - Removing and re-assigning their referrals
  • Deletion of referrals
  • Marking a patient as deceased

Each Scheme Admin role is configurable upon request by a team member in a managerial role.

The Additional Icon that a Super Scheme Admin will find themselves with is the 'Users' icon, which will allow the 'SSA', to manage users, view their last login date and contact details, and de-activate their accounts. 

If you require a member/s of your team to have additional or removal of a permission, for example disable access to Reports, please make a request via our usual support channels.