Step 5: The status of a referral and what it means

We've developed six referral statuses so you can identify where a person is in the life of their referral. Here's what they are and what they mean:

Referred (R)

  • This is the status of any New Referral received into your scheme.

Intends to Participate (ITP)

  • Patient has been contacted and subject to passing an Assessment will then be moved to Participating status

Participating (P)

  • Person has agreed to being enrolled on a programme and has completed their initial assessment, if applicable.

Completed (C)

  • Person has completed the programme -this closes the Referral.

Refer Patient On

  • This is used if the person is not suitable for the scheme they have been referred into but may benefit from being offered a different scheme within your organisation ie: Exercise on Referral and then onto Weight Management.
Not Participating (NP)
  • The person has decided they do not wish to take part - this also closes the Referral.

Left Early (LE)

  • Some people may leave the programme without completing. This status closes the Referral. 

So now you know what the statuses are and what they mean, here's how you move a referral through the ReferAll journey: Change the status of a referral

Congratulations, you're doing fantastic! Head over to the next guide in ReferAll's Get Started Series:

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