Understanding the concepts of ReferAll

With ReferAll, all your referral data management needs are in one easy-to-use, secure platform. You'll save valuable time on administration, maintain peace of mind and communicate swiftly with your referrals.

Learn the language of ReferAll and how each area links together.

Here's your 7 steps to ReferAll success 😃

Step 1:

What is the relationship between Patients, Referrals, Referring Organisations and Referrers

Step 2:

What do the navigation icons mean at the top of screen when I first login?

Step 3:

Adding Referring Organisations and Referrers

Step 4:

Adding Venues, creating Activities and generating Sessions

Step 5:

The status of a referral and what it means

Step 6:

Understanding Tasks and Workflows

Step 7:

Collecting data

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